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Greenfits.me is a matter close to my heart. I would like to briefly introduce myself and tell you a little story.

Hi first,

I am Simone, 41 years old, mother of two children, a son who will be 19 in May and a daughter who is 14 years old. We call ourselves a patchwork family, my partner has two girls, they are 13 and 17 years old. So there's always something going on with us.

I work in a hospital, where you can find me in the patient registration area and at the gate. I like my work very much because I deal with a lot of people and it is very varied. As a part-time job, I pursue my second passion and work in a physio practice as a fitness trainer, and I also give personal training sessions.

From 2016 to today I have regularly trained in the areas of fitness and health. I was able to acquire licenses as trainer A, medical fitness trainer, personal trainer, intestinal health, nutritional advice, supplements & kinesiological taping.

This interest arose from my own suffering...

because I had severe osteoporosis.
There were always new broken bones, “What was going on?” It was only discovered years later when I suffered five vertebral fractures after a fall. One cervical vertebra, four thoracic vertebrae and three intervertebral discs were gone. You can imagine the pain. I deliberately write “had” because I was able to bring my osteoporosis back into the so-called normal range through various changes to my lifestyle! Apparently this was not possible, they said. But it was possible because I am the best proof!

The right training, conscious nutrition, the right micronutrients, sleep, mindset. All are factors in our health and well-being. More on that later…


I would like to use my experiences regarding nutrition & fitness, osteoporosis as well as other symptoms and illnesses, important information, favorite products, supplements and recipes to share with you.

You can also purchase favorite products from vegan protein bars, protein powder, sustainable fitness items to cookbooks or health-oriented reading material in my shop. You can also book online coaching sessions with me regarding fitness & nutrition as well as osteoporosis advice. Then I will be available to you personally and give you individually tailored tips.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Greenfits also you

Your Simone

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Bin mal gespannt… Viel Erfolg!


Ich freue mich Elke Elö

Elke ELÖ

Freue mich sehr das du so was machst. Bin sehr gespannt darauf, da ich selber trainiere und auf Ernährung achte ist es für mich super interessant. 😃


Super Simone
Ich bin froh dich noch als aktive Trainerin kennen gelernt zu haben. Wir haben uns lange über Ernährung und den Einfluss auf die Gesundheit unterhalten und wissen aus eigener Erfahrung , was Bewegung und gesunde Ernährung im Körper für Auswirkungen haben können im positiven Sinne!
Freue mich schon auf deine neue Webseite und bin total gespannt und begeistert das es mir jetzt so einfach gemacht wird 😊🫶🏼
Viel Erfolg


Toll freue mich auf mehr

Helga Keilen

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